Lottery Diamonds are a Man’s Best Friend, Too

$30,000 Pink Diamond Bingo_Keihl_web

Diamonds are a man’s best friend, too! Joshua Keihl and his mom Lisa Field celebrate his $30,000 win playing the Pink Diamond Bingo scratch-off game.

Nottingham man wins $30,000 top prize on Pink Diamond Bingo scratch-off

Joshua Keihl of Nottingham is living proof that the song, “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend,” can apply to men who play the Maryland Lottery’s new Diamond Bingo scratch-offs. The 19-year-old tried his luck with the new Pink Diamond Bingo game and won the first of its five $30,000 top prizes.

Josh purchased the $3 ticket and several others last week at Triple A Tobacco in Nottingham. The lucky player went there specifically for scratch-offs.

“I picked the Diamond Bingo game because it was new and different,” Josh told Lottery officials. He gathered his tickets and went home to play them.

Josh didn’t see any obvious winners in the games he scratched and he set them aside. A short time later, he went back to check. “That’s when I noticed the X and when I checked the back of the ticket, it said it was a $30,000 win,” he said.

To make sure his eyes were not deceiving him, the Baltimore County resident took the instant ticket to his mother, Lisa Field, to confirm his win. “I looked at that scratch-off three times and it was definitely $30,000,” she said. One last check at a Lottery retailer sealed the deal for them.

Josh, who works two jobs, had to wait until he had a day off to come to Lottery headquarters to claim his prize. He plans to use the winnings to help with bills and will save the rest.

For selling the top-prize ticket in the game, the Lottery retailer is also a winner. Triple A Tobacco located at 7954 Belair Road in Baltimore County will receive a $300 bonus from the Lottery.