Lottery Dreams Become Reality for Montgomery County Woman

Platinum Crossword Scratch-off Key to $50,000 Win

Platinum CrosswordAsk one lucky Rockville resident about her big Maryland Lottery moment and she’ll tell you it didn’t happen the way she had dreamed. Misplaced money and a hefty repair bill for the family RV were on her mind when the 66-year-old won a $50,000 jackpot on a $5 Platinum Crossword scratch-off.

“I’ve always wanted to be one of those people,” said the winner, while examining the framed photos of landmark winners hanging at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. In the past, she would often daydream when she saw the wall of winning tickets at her local retailer or when she read the stories of past winners on the Lottery website.

When the Montgomery County resident purchased this lucky ticket, she was still smarting from misplacing $60. She wasn’t even concentrating on winning.

“The money must have slipped out of my purse while I was shopping,” said the winner. She discovered the loss and then spent some of her remaining funds to buy a Platinum Crossword scratch-off. When she scratched off the ticket and revealed the prize amount, she was astounded. “We just won someone’s salary,” she explained.

The win comes at the perfect time in her life because the RV is in the repair shop. The vehicle is a veteran of the family’s many cross-country trips and needs extensive repairs. The retiree plans to use her funds to prepare the RV for the family’s next adventure. She also plans to use a portion for savings and elder care for her mother. She bought the winning ticket at the Rockville Service Center located at 11801 Rockville Pike.

Two $50,000 jackpot-winning tickets are waiting for discovery in area stores. Many prizes remain on this spring 2013 scratch-off, ranging from 50,000 $10 winners to six $10,000 winners.