Lottery Fun Gets 20X Better with $50,000 Scratch-off Win

20X The Cash instant ticket pays top-prize dividends to Elkton wife

Big wins from our X Multiplier family of scratch-off games are multiplying every day. Life got 20X better for a surprised Elkton resident, who recently scratched off a $50,000 top-prize win on the 20X The Cash game.

The Cecil County woman bought the $5 game at 7-Eleven #32341 at 299 East Pulaski Highway in Elkton. The scratch-off, which offers players 15 chances to win, gave the 72-year-old a matching number to bring home the Lottery payday.

The loyal Lottery player said this is her second time winning a big scratch-off prize. Her plans for the money include sharing it with her spouse and donating a portion to charity.

The 20X The Cash scratch-off still has seven unclaimed top prizes along with a second-chance promotion that will award prizes of up to $50,000. Upcoming second-chance drawings are March 15, March 31 and April 28. Players can try their luck, too, with other “X Multiplier” games such as 5X The Cash, 10X The Cash, 50X The Cash and 100X The Cash.

The 7-Eleven retailer also gets to celebrate. The store earns a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize winning scratch-off.