Lottery Luck Finds Elkton Couple

$200,000 Powerball Win

PowerballA retired manufacturing manager and his wife are not only the latest locals to have luck playing the new-to-Maryland Powerball game, they’re also the biggest winners Maryland’s seen so far. The pair enjoys all Lottery games and likes to play them frequently. Last week’s $200,000 win, however, has cemented Powerball as their definite favorite.

“We stayed up late to watch the drawing and wrote down the winning numbers,” said the happy Elkton woman. “I compared them to our ticket and thought it was a $7 winner – it was pretty late and I was tired.”  She stopped by her neighborhood Lottery store after work to cash-in her ticket and saw a sign announcing that they’d sold a big winner.  “I saw the sign but thought nothing of it.  I gave them the ticket to get my $7.”  The clerk’s reaction clued her in to the fact that something extraordinary had happened.  “He told me that they’d been looking for me — for our ticket.”

After a quick prayer of thanks, she returned home with the store’s sign in tow. “My husband asked me about my day.  I told him it was so-so but got a lot better on the way home.”  She showed him the sign and told him the news.  It took a little while, but she finally convinced him that it was real.

The winning Powerball ticket was purchased at Big Elk Liquors in the Big Elk Mall in Elkton.