Lottery Luck Finds Laid-Off St. Mary’s County Woman

Monopoly scratch-off delivers timely $50,000 win

MonopolyWhen her husband left for work one day earlier this month, a Lexington Park woman asked him to pick up a few Maryland Lottery scratch-off tickets on his way home.

When his shift ended early that morning, he remembered her request and stopped at the Donut Connection at 21800 North Shangri La Drive in Lexington Park to buy one of the popular Monopoly tickets. He hoped it would buoy her spirits because the grandmother of seven was laid off from her job in March.

“It was about 4 a.m. when he came home, but I was awake,” said the 48-year-old St. Mary’s County resident. “I’ve been having trouble sleeping these last few weeks, worrying about a job.”

She scratched her lucky Monopoly ticket and immediately spotted a match. “I figured it would be a $5 win, especially when the “5” appeared first,” she said. The more she scratched, however, the more zeros followed. “I yelled when I saw the $50,000. I tried to get up but couldn’t, I just froze.”

The mother of three grown children told Lottery officials that, due to her job situation, the win comes at the ideal time for her family. “This will carry us for a while and help bridge the gap until I find a new job,” she said. The Monopoly scratch win may also pay for a reliable car to help in the job search.

Our happy Lottery player claimed the final top prize remaining on the ticket. There are plenty of other winning tickets at the $1,000 prize level and under awaiting discovery in Maryland retailers.