Lottery Luck Finds Substitute Teacher

$50,000 Scratch-off Win with Sizzlin’ Spot Crossword Game

Linda McCoach - Sizzlin’ Spot Crossword Linda McCoach of Edgewood is a retired teacher’s aide who has recently returned to the classroom to serve as a substitute.  She was marked “absent” at roll call today because she was visiting the Lottery Claim Center to work on an extra credit math assignment – counting the $50,000 she won playing the Lottery’s Sizzlin’ Spot Crossword scratch-off game.

A simple stop for gas on the way to school kicked off Linda’s lucky day.  “I was paying for the gas, saw the selection of instant tickets and just decided to try one,” she told officials.  Linda scratched her ticket later that day at school and was a bit taken aback when she saw the results.  “I didn’t believe my eyes.”  She asked a colleague to take a look and was reassured that her eyes were not deceiving her — she was a winner.

However, it wasn’t until she completed the short claim process that she was fully convinced.  “Despite everything I saw and heard I was sure something was going to go wrong, something would foul this up.”  When all the t’s were crossed and i’s dotted and the win was official, Linda finally relaxed.

Linda has been contemplating a move to the Eastern Shore recently and plans to use some of her winnings as a down payment.  Her lucky gas station is the Joppa Amoco, located at 602 Pulaski Highway in Joppa.