Lottery Luck in Westminster

$50,000 Instant Win With Gold Rush Doubler Scratch-off

Gold Rush DoublerThe last item on a Westminster woman’s grocery list on Thursday was a Maryland Lottery scratch-off.  It turns out that she had to make room in her bags for more than just milk and eggs, she had to find a place for a $50,000 instant cash prize.

“I literally could not believe my eyes,” the still-in-shock winner told officials.  “I just knew that there was no way it could be real.”  Confirmation from a family member and a store employee settled the issue, but upon returning home the enormity of the win hit her again.  “I’d never won anything close to this big – my stomach was in knots.”

The convenience store clerk was once a frequent scratch-off player, but has played less in recent years due to several economic setbacks that have hit her family.  “I sure am happy I decided to play today.”  Her winnings will go toward paying the mortgage and a possible cruise.  The lucky ticket was purchased from the Food Lion, located at 140 Englar Rd. in Westminster.