Lottery Luck Leads to Wedding Upgrade for Baltimore Man

Norris Scott - Tech the Halls

Our Second Tech the Halls Winner since the game launched on Monday!

Becomes Second $50,000 Tech the Halls Scratch-off Winner

Talk about electrifying news! A Baltimore man will certainly surprise his blushing bride-to-be when he shares the fact that they can upgrade their wedding, thanks to a Maryland Lottery Tech the Halls scratch-off win.

Norris Scott of Baltimore couldn’t believe his luck when he won $50,000 on the Lottery’s new $5 Tech the Halls scratch-off, which hit store displays only a few days ago. “I’ve already been as lucky with the Lottery as I ever expected to be,” he told Lottery officials as he claimed the top prize on the ticket. This third win was the charm and followed two $5,000 instant wins in previous years. “I just can’t believe this is happening,” he said.

Norris had stopped at a market near his job to buy lunch and a Lottery scratch-off. He chose Tech the Halls because the family of holiday-themed scratch-offs are brand new and the store scratch-off dispenser was full of Tech the Halls scratch-offs. “I figured that if almost all of the tickets were still there, all the winners were, too,” he said.

The scratch-offs feature a holiday tree in different colors depending on the ticket price of $1, $2, $3, $5 or $10. Top prizes range from $1,000 for the $1 ticket to $100,000 for the $10 ticket. Players can enter their non-winning tickets into My Lottery Rewards for the second-chance contest that will award 150 premium Sony®-branded tech prizes that include a laptop, tablet and LED HDTV.

With ticket in hand, Norris returned to his job site at a Baltimore soup kitchen and began scratching off his instant ticket.

“When I saw all of the matches and the $50,000 prize, the first thing I thought about was the high blood pressure that runs in my family! I tried to stay calm,” he said. Allowing himself a brief celebratory fist pump, Norris then thought of his family.

“I have six kids,” he said. “They’re all healthy and doing well, but I realized I’d now be able to help them in a way that I couldn’t just five minutes earlier.” Next, Norris thought of his fiancé and decided to invest his winnings in his future.

“I’m getting married next month,” he said. “My fiancé and I cut a few corners on our plans because of money. Now I’ll be able to put those corners back.”

Norris borrowed his Lottery luck from the 25th Street Market at 445 25th Street in Baltimore. The $5 Tech the Halls ticket, which proved so lucky for him, still has three $50,000 winning scratch-offs in stores as well as seven $5,000 winning scratch-offs and more than 370 $500 winning scratch-offs. No one has claimed any of the top prizes on the $1, $2, $3 and $10 tickets.