Lottery Luck on the Menu for Ocean City Breakfast Club

$50,000 Ravens scratch-off win goes to Worcester County man

An Eastern Shore breakfast group happily discovered a tasty new dish on the menu –Lottery Luck! The group gathers for breakfast once a week, a lucky Worcester County man told Maryland Lottery officials, and breakfast club members always try their luck with scratch-offs.

“We pick out a specific game and all play the same one there at the table before we start eating,” said the 51-year-old loyal Lottery player. The instant ticket they picked out this past weekend, the $5 Ravens game, delivered the real estate agent a $50,000 win to go with his eggs, bacon and pancakes.

“It was the very last number on my ticket, I was about to declare it a no-win when that $50,000 popped out,” said the husband and father. “We all just stared, no one could believe it.”

Each member of the breakfast club frantically studied their Ravens instant ticket rules, trying to find the small print that would negate the win. “We eventually downloaded the Lottery app just to check it. The $50,000 was real.”

The prize will go into the bank and the store that sold the winning scratch-off will be etched into the memory of each of the friends around that table. Wawa #556 at 12502 Ocean Highway in West Ocean City has become the official Lottery retailer for their weekly gatherings. The $5 Ravens game that caused all of the excitement has been available since July 2017 and still has two unclaimed $100,000 top prizes as well as three more unclaimed $50,000 winners.

The weekly gathering is a tradition going back years as a way to stay in touch with long-time friends. Scratch-offs have always been a part of the routine.

“We always scratch ‘em one at a time, going around the table,” said the lucky winner, adding that there is “lots of good-natured ribbing. When somebody wins, they cover the tip.”