Lottery Luck Serves Chef a Delicious $10,000 Lottery Win

Margaret Triggs - 10x Cash_webLester and Margaret Triggs of Glen Burnie are shopping for a second home in Florida, thanks to their $10,000 win on a 10x Cash scratch-off.

Claims top prize on 10x Cash scratch-off

Chef Lester Triggs got a jolt of caffeine with a side order of shock after stopping for coffee on his way to work at Shoreline Seafood in Crofton. Lottery luck was waiting at Royal Farms #98 located at 8200 Veterans Highway in Millersville to deliver a delicious $10,000 surprise!

The Glen Burnie man entered the store, grabbed a few scratch-offs and a cup of coffee and headed back to his vehicle. He started scratching off a 10x Cash instant ticket and had barely started the engine when he revealed a $1,000 win on the first line. Lester almost felt like a fish out of water as $1,000 wins popped up on the second line, third line and on and on through the 10th line. He won the 10x Cash scratch-off’s top prize of $10,000!

“It was shocking to know that I just won that kind of money on a ticket,” said the 56-year-old. “The next thing I did was call my wife.”

Margaret, who has been married to Lester over 30 years, said she cried tears of joy after hearing his good news.

“I guess I felt just like he did,” she said. “It’s a wonderful feeling when you win big like this. You begin to think of all the things you can accomplish.”

The pair told Lottery officials that they had never won like this before and will use most of the money as a down payment on a second home in Florida. “It’ll be nice to have a warm second place to call home during those cold winter months here in Maryland,” said Margaret, who has worked as a teacher for most of her career. They also plan to give some of their prize to their only grandson and maybe visit their favorite gambling spot, Baltimore’s Horseshoe Casino.

Since its debut this past March, 10x Cash scratch-offs keep popping up with $10,000 winners. There are still 29 unclaimed $10,000 top-prize winning tickets in Maryland stores.