Lottery Luck Shines Through the Dark Clouds

Timely Scratch-Off Win for Baltimore Woman

Red Hot 5sWith a dead refrigerator, a dying hot-water heater and a car in intensive care occupying her mind, a Middle River retiree can hardly be blamed for forgetting about a Lottery ticket she’d purchased just before this trifecta of doom entered her life.  When she finally remembered it, the problems suddenly didn’t seem such a big deal.

“The ticket sat in my kitchen for almost two weeks before I got around to playing it,” the former insurance agent told Lottery officials.  “With so much going on, so much going wrong, it completely slipped my mind.”  The lucky feeling that had originally led her to purchase her Red Hot 5’s scratch-off game was almost immediately overwhelmed by those household hassles, something that we all experience – just hopefully not in the same week.  “More than once I asked myself how I was going to pay for all this.”

When things calmed a bit, today’s winner sat down to play the game.  At first she didn’t believe her eyes.  “When so many numbers matched I was sure I wasn’t reading it correctly.”  After cleaning her glasses and summoning her son to assist, she realized that she did indeed have a $50,000 winner.  “I sat quietly for a bit, then I started shaking and then crying – this just couldn’t have come at a better time.” 

The lucky Red Hot 5’s instant ticket was purchased from the Midway Inn, 12320 Pulaski Highway in Joppa.