Lottery Luck Smiles on Olney Engineer

$10K Million Dollar Spectacular_Holonich_web

Joseph Holonich of Olney brought home a $10,000 prize on the Million Dollar Spectacular scratch-off.

Wins $10,000 with Million Dollar Spectacular game

Performing a good deed for his mother-in-law put a $10,000 winning Maryland Lottery scratch-off in the hands of a happy Montgomery County man. Joseph Holonich said the prize entered his life at the perfect time, resulting in changes that he and his wife will enjoy every day for years to come.

The federal government engineer has played Lottery scratch-offs every week for years. The 57-year-old husband and father of four had stopped at the 7-Eleven #11575, located at 18120 Georgia Avenue in Olney, to pick up a beverage for his mother-in-law when Lottery inspiration struck.

“I usually get a ticket about twice a week, whenever life takes me into a store that sells them,” he told Lottery officials after claiming his prize. “I saw the Million Dollar Spectacular, which was one I hadn’t played before. So I got it, along with the soda.”

At home, Joseph was more than a bit surprised at what the scratch-off revealed. “I said to myself, ‘Things like this never happen to me, I must be misreading it.’ ” Asking his wife and her mother to take a look, he soon had his $10,000 win confirmed. “It was a happy moment to be sure – joy, just pure joy.”

It took only moments for the couple to recognize the happy timing of the win. “We’ve planned a major remodeling for our house that starts in a few weeks,” Joseph said, adding that this means they can upgrade some of the improvements. “This money will make it easier on the bank account.”

The $20 game still carries many of its top prizes, including two $1 million winners and three $50,000 prizes.