Lottery Luck Strikes Twice at Same Store for Baltimore Attorney

Wins $50,000 in March and $10,000 in 2001

199-Cash-Money-Blowout-ITVMAn attorney who has spent 30 years providing free legal services to those in need of it in Baltimore and surrounding areas found that Lottery luck does indeed strike twice. The 56-year-old discovered her latest $50,000 scratch-off prize at the same retailer that sold her a $10,000 winning scratch-off in 2001!

Buying lunch and some scratch-offs is a routine for the Baltimore resident, who finds her lucky Lottery games at the Arcade located at 412 East Baltimore Street.

“I bought a ticket when I picked up my lunch this afternoon and won $15,” said the lucky lawyer. “Just for the heck of it, I put $10 back into the machine and picked out Cash Money Blowout.”   Disbelief set in when one of the $5 games revealed a $50,000 prize. “I just couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I asked another customer to check it to make sure my eyes were working properly. She looked and then did a double take.”

Monday’s big win created instant déjà vu. “I was at the same place at the same time of day 15 years ago when I picked out a $10,000 winner.”

Installing new windows for her house and upgrading an already scheduled vacation top her to-do list for her prize. She claimed the last $50,000 top prize in the game, which arrived in stores just over a year ago. Three $5,000 second-tier prizes remain. For selling the top-prize winning scratch-off, the Arcade will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.