Lottery Luck Strikes Twice for a Frederick Couple

Ronald DeGrange & Chelsea Misenheimer - Hit the Jackpot

Ronald DeGrange and Chelsea Misenheimer win $50,500 on scratch-offs

$500 and $50,000 Wins Playing Lottery Scratch-offs

What are the chances of hitting big on Lottery scratch-offs twice in one day? Well, it happened to a Frederick couple on Saturday while they were out enjoying their day.

The couple, 26-year-old, Ronald DeGrange and 22-year-old, Chelsea Misenheimer, were on their way to a birthday party when they stopped in a local store to pick up a few items. The couple, who typically purchase lower priced scratch-offs, decided to get a $20 ticket for the very first time, a Hit the Jackpot scratch-off. “I just wanted to see what would happen if I bought a $20 ticket,” said Ronald, an Auto Nation Honda employee. Well, it turned out to be a $500 win.

Filled with excitement, Chelsea, a Dental Hygienist, declared that she wanted to try a $20 ticket too. So, that evening, when they headed back to the store to cash the $500 win, Ronald gave Chelsea $10 to add to her $10 and she purchased a Get Rich scratch-off ticket. “We didn’t want to get the same one as before, so we picked the ticket right next to it,” said Chelsea. However, they didn’t scratch the ticket until early Sunday morning. “I saw $10,000 and then another $10,000 and another and another.” said a shocked Chelsea. “I was freaking out.”

Needless to say the couple had a sleepless night basking in the glow of not one, but two Lottery wins. They hid the ticket in an envelope box and headed to Lottery Headquarters first thing Monday morning to claim the $50,000 win. They split the ticket in half, taking home a little over $16,000 a piece, after taxes. Ronald and Chelsea said they will each pay some bills and save the rest. Both winning tickets were purchased at Beckley’s Liquor Store located at 7611-A Willow Road in Frederick.