Lottery Luck Strikes Twice for Crossword Scratch-off Player

261-Crossword-Deluxe-ITVMPasadena resident wins $10,000 on Crossword Deluxe game

(Baltimore) – Lottery luck hides in crossword scratch-off games for a Pasadena retiree, who just won her second $10,000 prize from the Maryland Lottery. The happy woman won $10,000 playing a $5 crossword scratch-off about 15 years ago, she said. This month, the 63-year-old decided to purchase a $10 Crossword Deluxe game and won another $10,000!

The winning scratch-off was among several the loyal player purchased while shopping at Lauer’s Supermarket & Bakery at 8479 Fort Smallwood Road in Pasadena. When she got home, the Anne Arundel County resident decided to watch television and scratch off her instant tickets. She initially thought the lucky scratch-off gave her a $500 prize but quickly realized she had won much more.

“When I found out it was $10,000, I just started crying,” she said. “Then, I called my mother to tell her the good news. She was so happy for me.”

The excited winner plans to share some of the prize with her family and visit family members who live south of Maryland.

The Crossword Deluxe scratch-off went on sale in March and has three $100,000 top prizes remaining and eight unclaimed $10,000 prizes. The extended-play game gives players three puzzles to scratch off with prizes awarded for revealing three words or more.