Lottery Luck Strikes Twice for Rosedale Roofer

$10K 10x Cash_Merritt_webDamein Merritt of Rosedale and his girlfriend Tracy celebrate his Lottery winning streak that put two $10,000 prizes in his bank account.

Wins two $10,000 prizes in August and September

Roofer Damein Merritt of Rosedale is on solid footing with Lady Luck. The happy scratch-off player just won his second $10,000 Maryland Lottery prize in two consecutive months.

On Aug. 14, the 33-year-old won a Lottery second-chance contest involving non-winning Ravens scratch-offs. He won $10,000 and became a finalist to win Baltimore Ravens season tickets for 20 years by entering his scratch-off into a drawing through My Lottery Rewards. This week, he won a top-tier $10,000 prize when he purchased a 10x Cash scratch-off from the Rosedale Shell at 7514 Pulaski Highway in Baltimore.

“I was with my daughter at the gas station when I figured I’d grab a few scratch-off tickets,” he said. “At first, when I realized my numbers had matched, I only thought I had won about $10. When I scratched the prize amount off and saw what the actual prize was, I was in total shock!”

The Baltimore County resident likes to play 10x Cash because of its prize structure. The game still has 96 unclaimed $10,000 top prizes remaining along with 67 $1,000 prizes and others ranging from $10 to $500. The game is so popular the Lottery launched its latest version on July 25.

“I started playing this ticket last year when it first came out and I thought it was great that the Lottery had so many of the top-tier $10,000 prizes,” Damein said.

He plans to spend some of his prize for car repairs and future dental work. “Since I have such a good daughter, I’m also going to buy her a new cell phone,” he said.