Lottery Newbie Uses Maryland College Team to Land Keno Win

Baltimore County woman claims $24,004 prize

The mighty Maryland Terrapins helped a Maryland Lottery Keno newbie score a $24,004 win!

While at the Padonia Ale House in Lutherville, the Monkton woman decided to play her first game of Keno. What came to mind when filling out her play slip? “T” for Terrapins. So, the new player selected 10 numbers on her playslip that formed the letter “T.” She also added the Keno Super Bonus option in hopes of multiplying her winnings by up to 20 times and guaranteeing she would at least double any win.

Winning, and winning so much money, came as a major shock to the lucky woman. “This is awesome,” said the 47-year-old. With the exception of scratch-offs, all Lottery games are new to her. She was so afraid she would lose her winning ticket that she kept it behind a picture on the wall in her room until she could claim her prize.

The Baltimore County woman, who has worked as a cashier at Walmart for four years, plans to spend her prize to visit her family in Sacramento and vacation at Disney World. Her luck also extends to the retailer. The Padonia Ale House at 61 East Padonia Road will receive a $240 bonus from the Lottery for selling a prize-winning Keno ticket over $20,000.