Lottery Pays Taxes on Parkville Woman’s $50,000 Lottery Prize

Wins Top Prize on Tax Free Scratch-Off

Ronnette Harrison, a frequent player, enjoys all of the games the Lottery offers. She’s found a favorite, however, in the Tax Free $50,000 instant game – and this was even before the scratch-off delivered a $50,000 taxes-paid win to her this week.

Ms. Harrison, a Baltimore County resident, told Lottery officials that she’s had consistent luck with the game since it debuted last month. She was heading home on Thursday when she stopped by a Lottery retailer. She picked up a couple of tickets to play later at home, making sure to include the tax-free game. “When I saw the instant win symbol I got pretty excited, knowing I had a win. When I saw just how much it was – I could not believe it was real.” Enough yelling then followed to bring Ronnette’s husband running, sure something was wrong.

The Harrisons are still deciding how their winnings will fit into their lives. A trip to Disneyworld for the kids is one idea. They found their lucky Tax Free $50,000 ticket at the E-Z convenience store, 5822 Hillen Road in Baltimore. The Lottery pays the estimated taxes for all top prizes on this scratch-off. The ticket still has four top-prizes remaining.