Lottery Player Cuts No Corners as Bingo Scratch-off Winner

Baltimore woman wins $10,000 playing Bingo Times 10

171-Bingo-Times-10-ITVM_P1-purpleA Baltimore fan of Maryland Lottery bingo scratch-off games found $10,000 hiding in the four corners of her Bingo Times 10 instant scratch-off game, giving her a major prize to save for a rainy day and spend on more Lottery play.

“I just love these bingo games,” said the happy homemaker. “I play them whenever I see them.”

The wife and mother remained calm, cool and collected from the moment she realized she’d won through her arrival at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. Lottery luck found her when the 60-year-old bought the scratch-off at Westport Liquors in Baltimore.

“When I scratched my ticket there with my daughter, I noticed right away that I’d gotten all four corners of the bingo card,” said the 60-year-old. “I looked and saw that the corners were worth $10,000 and passed it to my daughter to see.”

When asked if there was a celebration when the pair realized how much she had won, the winner shook her head. “I have some health issues that make it better not to get too excited, so we kept it low key.”

Want to seek your fortune at her lucky store? Visit Westport Liquors at 2244 Annapolis Road in Baltimore. The $5 game has six $50,000 top-prize tickets still available for discovery in Maryland stores as well as 11 $10,000 winners.

She plans to save her winnings for now. According to her sister, she’ll likely share her good fortune. “My sister helps everyone around her – family, friends, neighbors – everybody! She definitely deserved this.”