Lottery Prize Helps College Grad Erase Student Loan Debt

Wins $30,000 top prize on Rainbow Blackout Bingo scratch-off

Rainbow Blackout BingoA 27-year-old recent college graduate who is working as a waitress can pay off her student loans and set up a college fund for her son, thanks to her $30,000 win on the Maryland Lottery’s Rainbow Blackout Bingo game.

She also can thank a store clerk for playing an instrumental role in her top-prize win on the $2 game. The Abingdon winner follows a routine when working her shift at a local restaurant. During her break, she walks over to the 7-Eleven in Aberdeen to purchase a drink and some Maryland Lottery scratch-offs.

“I always hand the woman my money and let her pick out my tickets,” said the loyal player. “When she scanned the ticket and told me I had to claim it at Lottery Headquarters, I was shocked.”

The young waitress returned to her job, trying hard to keep the news to herself. She hid the winning ticket in a spot where she wouldn’t lose it. “The ticket hasn’t left my body since I scratched it,” she told Lottery officials.

The Harford County resident has big plans for her prize. Most of it will go into a college fund for her 2-year-old son. She also plans to pay off her own student loans and help a family member pay off a credit card.

The 7-Eleven store, located at 1345 James Way Road in Aberdeen, will receive a $300 bonus for selling the winning Rainbow Blackout Bingo ticket. The game still has four $30,000 top prizes and eight $10,000 prizes remaining.