Lottery Scratch-off Bought on a Whim Pays $30,000

Catonsville woman hits big with Red Line Bingo Tripler

Red Line Bingo TriplerCourtney Howard, a 26-year-old state employee, commutes with her mother, a Verizon engineer, to work each day. On Monday afternoon, she finished her shift and was homeward bound with her mom when she decided to pop into a Catonsville liquor store. She rarely plays the Lottery but she is sure glad she made an exception this week!

The Catonsville resident bought one $5 Red Line Bingo Tripler scratch-off because, “It looked like you could win a lot,” Courtney said. The scratch-off contains six bingo cards to scratch and carries a top prize of $100,000.

She returned to the car, where her mom was waiting, and began scratching it off.

“I was, like, ‘What does that say? What?’” Courtney said, recalling her excitement.

By the time she and her mom turned up at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore on Wednesday, Courtney was still keeping her win a secret. An only child, she told her grandmother about her lucky win but no one else. She plans to shop for a new wardrobe and put the rest of her win in the bank. Courtney also plans to start playing scratch-offs more regularly now.

She found her lucky ticket at Catonsville Liquors at 6124 Edmondson Ave in Catonsville.