Lottery Staff Give Scratch-off Novice Great News: You Won $150,000!

Disbelieving Delmar woman claims top prize on Twisted Bingo scratch-off

151-Twisted-Bingo-ITVM_P1-blueGripping her Maryland Lottery paperwork tightly in her hand, a stunned Delmar homemaker walked into the Lottery Winner’s Lounge saying she was unsure if she was about to break into tears, start shaking, go into shock or do all three. The novice scratch-off player had just learned that the Twisted Bingo instant ticket she’d brought to Lottery headquarters was worth $150,000!

“I didn’t believe it was real until she (a Lottery staffer) came up to the window and told me,” said the mother of one adult son and a pet mom to many. “I’m freaking out.”

A supportive friend who is an avid scratch-off player accompanied her both on the day she bought her winning ticket at Stop N Go in Delmar and on the day she claimed her prize. His luck with Lottery scratch-offs includes wins on the Twisted Bingo ticket and other instant tickets in amounts up to $500. On the day they were shopping and our winner bought one $10 Twisted Bingo ticket, her friend passed on any more scratch-off purchases because he had already played that day.

They took her instant ticket to the car, scratched it off and then disbelief set in. “I checked it and I checked it and he checked it and I checked it,” she said. They even took the scratch-off to another retailer and checked the ticket on a scanner but were directed to come to Lottery headquarters to claim a prize.

What will this 47-year-old do with her windfall? “I have no idea,” she said, “probably pay bills.”

For selling the top-prize ticket on the game, Stop N Go at 403 S. Bi State Blvd. in Delmar will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery. Although this was the last top prize on the game, Twisted Bingo still has more than 37,000 prizes of $10 to $1,000 awaiting discovery at Maryland retailers.