Lottery Update



Sweet Winnings ($1)
This one dollar holiday ticket is 28% sold with 22 top prizes of $1,000 and 46 second-tier prizes of $500. Sweet Winnings could be a sweet treat for anyone on your gift list.

Happy Holidays ($1)
This one dollar ticket  is over 80% sold and has seven top prizes of $1,000 remaining. Plus, it has over 90 prizes of $500 remaining giving you great chance of winning.

Santa Paws ($2)
This $2 multi-scene holiday pet themed ticket has seven top prizes of $10,000 remaining! And over 160 prizes of $500 or more. Also, don’t forget to check out our photo contest to nominate your pet as the Santa Paws Cutest Pet. Entries are due by Monday, November 28th.

Nutcracker Cash Doubler ($5)
Play all three scenes of this holiday themed ticket, which has three top prizes of $50,000 remaining and over 400 prizes of $500 or more.

Winner Wishes ($10)
This holiday game comes in two colors – white and gold – and is 35% sold. There are three of four top prizes of $100,000 remaining and nine $10,000 prizes still available. Plus, there is over 350 prizes of $500 or more. Try one of each color.