Lottery Update



All prizes remaining as of Saturday, September 24, 2011.
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Double Your Luck ($1)
This ticket is 86% sold and still has four top prizes of $2,000 remaining, along with nine $1,000 and 38 prizes of $500.

Spring Green ($2)
This two dollar ticket is 64% sold and still has five top prizes of $10,000.  Plus it has over 135 prizes of $500 or more remaining.

Supreme 7’s ($5)
This game is 66% sold with great chances to win remain with this ticket.  There are still two top prizes of $77,777 remaining, which is higher than your typical $5 top prize. Plus, there is over 100 prizes of $777 or more!

Hot Hand ($5)
This game is 71% sold. There are three top prizes of $50,000, plus over 175 prizes of $500 or more.

Big Money Mega Play ($20)
This game is 60% sold and still has two $1,000,000 top prizes and two $50,000 prizes remaining. Plus, over 700 prizes of $500 or more.