Lottery Win Adds to Great Day for Future Rosedale Dad

William Bowles of Rosedale (right), fiancée Anna and dad Bart celebrate his $10,000 win on a Deluxe Crossword scratch-off.

Proud papa-to-be claims $10,000 scratch-off prize

A joyful Baltimore County trio who entered the Maryland Lottery Customer Resource Center with big smiles had much more than a $10,000 scratch-off win to celebrate. An obstetrician appointment had confirmed that everything was “thumbs up” with the scratch-off winner’s fiancée and the future addition to their family. Collecting the $10,000 prize made the day just that much better!

Winner William Bowles of Rosedale, his happy fiancée Anna and his father Bart came with baby pix in hand to help him claim his Deluxe Crossword scratch-off prize.

“We’d had some concerns that were erased during that visit at the doctor’s,” William said. “That news, combined with this Lottery win, made for one heck of a day.”

The 22-year-old Rosedale resident bought the lucky $5 instant ticket last Friday. His dad is a big scratch-off fan and played a role in William’s Lottery luck. Work that day brought the pair near Yesteryears Discount Liquors at 214 N. Highland Avenue in Baltimore.

“My dad and I get a few tickets most days after work,” said the roofer. “I picked the crossword ticket because it’s his favorite. It’s my favorite now, too!”

They were confused by what happened after William scratched off the instant ticket in the store parking lot. Though both are familiar with the Deluxe Crossword game, neither was familiar with the message that appeared on the store’s ticket checker when he scanned the winning scratch-off.

“It told us to ‘Cash at Lottery,’ which we didn’t get right away,” William said. “A minute later, we realized that it meant the prize was too big for the store to pay.”

William and Anna plan to bank the Lottery winnings for now and use the prize to welcome their baby into the world in style. The winner said he and his dad will continue enjoying post-work Lottery fun in hopes of finding another prize big enough to bring them back to Lottery headquarters. “I expect to be back here soon – we’ll bring the baby!” William said.

The Deluxe Crossword game debuted last month. Four of its seven $50,000 top prizes are unclaimed. Players can also search for the dozen $10,000 winning instant tickets remaining or try to win the thousands of other prizes ranging from $5 to $1,000.