Lottery Win Dooms Night-Shift Nurse’s Plans for Sleep

$10,000 prize keeps Frederick woman wide-eyed

171-Bingo-Times-10-ITVM_P1-purpleDiscovering a $10,000 win on a Maryland Lottery scratch-off game just before bedtime zapped the zzz’s right out of a night-shift nurse from Frederick.

The elated winner found her Lottery luck with a $5 Bingo Times 10 game picked up on her way home from work. She stopped at the A-1 Mart in Frederick on a Saturday after finishing her shift at a nearby care facility.

“I wanted to get a bingo ticket, they’re my favorite game,” she said. The Frederick County resident selected the Bingo Times 10 instant ticket. It wasn’t until later in the morning, about the time she thought about getting some rest, that her good luck spelled doom for her sleep schedule.

“I saw the four corners on one bingo game and the ‘X’ in another, so I knew that I had won something – it looked like $2,500,” said the 61-year-old. “My sister reminded me of the box in the middle of the ticket, the one that multiplies the prize. I scratched it and saw 4X, which made it $10,000. I was in utter shock!”

The excitement of her big win lasted all day and well into the early evening.

“I tried to calm down and get some sleep, but I just couldn’t do it,” she said. “This was a pretty good reason for being tired.”

With her winnings tucked away for a rainy day, the no-longer-tired nurse plans to keep buying two or three scratch-offs a week. The Bingo Times 10 scratch-off still has two $50,000 top-prize tickets remaining along with another five $10,000 prize-winning tickets. You can check out the site of her Lottery luck by visiting the A-1 Mart, 649 Himes Avenue in Frederick.