Lottery Win Ensures Rainy Day Fund for Insurance Agent

Severna Park woman claims $50,000 scratch-off prize

182-Diamonds-&-Dollars-ITVM_P1-greenEven after completing the paperwork required to claim her $50,000 windfall, a Severna Park winner still had trouble believing that she had, in fact, won the top prize on the Maryland Lottery’s Diamonds & Dollars scratch-off.

“When I scratched it last night, I was sure it was a fake ticket, the kind you get at a novelty store,” admitted the 65-year-old grandmother of two. “I was about to get angry at my son-in-law for the joke when I checked the ticket again. It looked real.”

Our winner had asked her son-in-law to pick up a few scratch-offs for her while he ran errands. He’d obliged, selecting a few $5 Diamonds & Dollars instant tickets at Parole Liquors in Annapolis. The Anne Arundel County insurance agent set the scratch-offs aside to enjoy later in the evening, when she could play them at her leisure.

“After studying the ticket a long time, we decided it was real, but even then I couldn’t quite believe it,” she said. After enduring a nervous night with little sleep and then talking to Lottery officials, the dubious winner allowed the truth to sink in and embraced her Lottery winner status.

“I feel very lucky, very relieved,” said the mother of two. “I plan to share this with my family and put the rest away for a rainy day. In my line of work, it’s always good to have money ready for those rainy days.”

Diamonds & Dollars still has four $50,000 top-prize winning tickets in Maryland stores along with eight $5,000 winning tickets. Try your luck at our winner’s store, Parole Liquors located at 2125 Forest Drive in Annapolis. The retailer shares in the win by getting a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize ticket.