Lottery Win Helps Baltimore Man with Business Plans

Baltimore resident Mahmoud Nakhleh celebrates his $20,000 win on a $20,000,000 Cash Payout! scratch-off!

Claims $20,000 prize on $20,000,000 Cash Payout! scratch-off

On the Sunday before Memorial Day, Mahmoud Nakhleh of Baltimore stopped by Pimlico Exxon and picked up a $20,000,000 Cash Payout! scratch-off. The occasional Lottery player took the $10 instant ticket home and scratched it later that day.

“I originally thought it was a $20 winner,” said the 29-year-old. “I showed it to my brother and he said, ‘It’s not $20, it’s $20,000!’ I was so surprised.”

Mahmoud’s wife was out of town at the time of his win and he came up with a great plan to tell her about his Lottery luck.

“I’m going to text her a picture of me with the big check,” he told Lottery officials.

The win came at the perfect time. The lucky player, who currently works in food delivery, wants to open his own business. He plans to use his prize toward fulfilling his dream.

Mahmoud’s lucky retailer, Pimlico Exxon, is located at 5509 Park Heights Avenue in Baltimore.

The $20,000,000 Cash Payout! game has lots of prizes remaining, including three top prizes of $100,000, six $20,000 prizes and hundreds of thousands of prizes between $10 and $10,000.