Lottery Win Leaves Dental Patient All Smiles

Claims $10,000 top prize on 10X Cash scratch-off

10x CashA fearful dental patient who sometimes cringes at the thought of an office visit decided to treat herself to a Maryland Lottery scratch-off on the way to her appointment.

Her stop at the Royal Farms #052 at 2410 East Joppa Road in Baltimore erased all of her appointment jitters. In fact, the Parkville woman smiled from ear to ear in the dentist chair after winning $10,000 on a 10x Cash scratch-off.

“When I realized I had won, I just wanted to hurry and get here (Lottery headquarters) so I didn’t pay the dental checkup any mind,” said the 50-year-old woman. “You would not believe it, but my lips are still numb. That’s how quickly I rushed over.”

The lucky player plans to treat her family to a meal at Mo’s restaurant, take a trip to Ocean City in September and pay bills with her winnings. The $10 game, which had over 100,000 prizes between $50 and $500 when it launched last year, still has 17 top prizes of $10,000 awaiting discovery at retailers’ stores.