Lottery Win Lets Construction Chief Hang up his Hard Hat

Claims $100,000 top prize on Sparkling 7s scratch-off

142-Sparking-7s-ITVMA Montgomery County construction supervisor is packing away his hard hat and traveling the road to a happy retirement after winning $100,000 on a Maryland Lottery scratch-off.

The Potomac resident visited Lottery headquarters in Baltimore with the open road on his mind. All he could think of since Lottery luck found him at Captains Market in Cabin John, he said, was retirement and traveling. Both activities are now possible because of his top-prize win on a Sparkling 7s scratch-off. Although playing Lottery scratch-offs is part of his routine, the happy winner was astonished by the size of his win.

“I stopped in at a market on my way home to get some groceries and a Lottery ticket,” the 64-year-old supervisor said. “I’ve had some luck recently with Sparkling 7s so I tried it again.” His reaction when he saw the prize he’d won? “Wonderful relief!” The father of two and grandfather of seven has contemplated retirement for several years but concluded he couldn’t afford to do it yet.

“I realized immediately that I would now have the money that I needed to stop working and spend time with my family,” he said. “It was a great feeling.”

After claiming his prize, the lucky man said he planned to stop by his work and wave goodbye to the construction site forever. Then, he’ll pack his bags to hit America’s highways for visits to his grandkids.

Want to visit his lucky store? Captains Market is located at 7607 MacArthur Boulevard in Cabin John. For selling the top-prize instant ticket, the retailer will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.