Lottery Win Puts Tire Store Retiree’s Finances Back on Track

Annapolis man claims $100,000 top prize on Sparkling 7s scratch-off

142-Sparking-7s-ITVMAn Anne Arundel County tire store retiree is no longer spinning out with worry over a growing stack of medical bills. The happy Maryland Lottery player just regained his financial traction with a $100,000 Sparkling 7s scratch-off win.

“This will help a lot with those bills,” said the 70-something Annapolis man. He admits worrying a lot about how to pay for all of the medical bills accumulated during his wife’s extended illness.

Talk about a lucky man! Playing scratch-offs is a recent hobby for the great-grandfather, who enjoys his status as one of the regular players at Pantry 1 Food at 1090 Spa Road in Annapolis. He’s played the $10 Sparking 7s scratch-off before and found his Lottery luck changed when he bought two at a time.

“The first one was a $50 winner,” he said, “so I thought, the second one can’t be anything. I scratched it off, hardly looking at the numbers. Then I saw I won. I almost fell down!”

Instead, the father of three adult children quietly put the winning ticket in his pocket and cashed his $50 prize. He hid the ticket at home in an envelope filled with legal papers until he could get a ride to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim his prize.

“I haven’t told my family yet,” he said, adding that he planned to share his good news with them when they got home. Our happy player found the second to last top prize on the game.