Lottery Win A Welcome Surprise for New Marylander

New Jersey transplant claims $30,000 scratch-off prize

Lottery luck gave one of Maryland’s new residents a $30,000 welcome that will make the former New Jersey woman’s first months here much smoother. The lucky 38-year-old won the top prize on the Treasure Island instant ticket.

Arriving in Annapolis to start the next chapter of her life with the love of her life, the lucky player found only one thing slowing her down – reliable transportation. In fact, she had to get a ride this past weekend to go grocery shopping at Giant #167 in Annapolis. While there, she noticed first the Lottery scratch-off vending machine and then the Treasure Island game.

“I have no explanation for it,” she said. “Something about the ticket just drew me to it.” When she does play Lottery games, the Anne Arundel County resident usually chooses scratch-offs. Several hours later, at home with her partner, the winner discovered her Lottery luck.

“I sat looking at the ticket in total shock. Neither of us could believe it.” A trip to a nearby Lottery retailer confirmed the top-prize win. “We were amazed that it could happen to us.”

A dependable car is first on the list of things she plans to buy with the scratch-off prize. A vacation is next. “Our top priority is getting taken care of much faster than we thought it would be,” she said. “This is a real blessing.”

Treasure Island went on sale in December and now has three of its original eight $30,000 top prizes remaining. There are also thousands of other prizes ranging from $3 to $1,000.

Her lucky retailer is also in the money. The Anne Arundel County store located at 948 Bay Ridge Road earned a $300 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize scratch-off in the $3 game.