Lottery Winner Experiences Déjà Vu: Same Prize, Same Shock

Regina Frock - 10x Cash_webLucky Regina Frock of Westminster just claimed her second $10,000 Lottery win in two weeks with a 10x Cash scratch-off.

Westminster woman claims second $10,000 prize in five weeks

Regina Frock of Westminster is a great fan of Maryland Lottery games – especially now! Five weeks ago, she was shocked to win $10,000 playing one of the popular crossword scratch-off games. Regina just experienced déjà vu last week when she uncovered a $10,000 win on a 10x Cash scratch-off.

“I’ve been playing 10x Cash for a week or two now and haven’t won too much,” said Regina, who is a wife and grandmother. “I figured I’d try it once more, thinking that maybe I’m due.”

Scratching off the $10 instant ticket in her car, the Carroll County housewife was, in her words, “blown away” when she saw that she’d won $10,000 again.

“There was joy, of course, but then shock almost immediately,” she said. The happy woman returned to House of Liquors in Westminster to confirm her win with the owner. Mission accomplished! That done, she celebrated with the staff. Regina then drove to her husband’s office to share the good news.

“He didn’t believe me,” she said. “He just couldn’t believe that it had happened again.”

The 50-year-old plans to pay bills with her winnings, which makes her extremely happy. “I try always to stay ahead on bills, which isn’t always easy these days. This extra cash makes things much easier for us.”

The 10x Cash game started out with 85 of these $10,000 top prizes and 12 remain in stores awaiting discovery.