Lottery Winner Keeps Prize Top Secret Until Last Minute

Wins $250,000 on $250,000 High Rollers Club game

250-$250,000-High-Rollers-Club-ITVM_P1-blackA Frederick construction worker kept his $250,000 Maryland Lottery scratch-off win on the down low even from his brother, who accompanied him to Lottery headquarters unaware that his sibling was claiming the top prize in the $10 $250,000 High Rollers Club game.

The 36-year-old winner is very close to his brother, sister and father and, in fact, plans to share the windfall with them, but kept his good luck a secret as long as possible. He concealed the staggering news very well, his brother reported.

“He told me that he had a winning ticket when we left the house this morning,” said the still-shocked brother, “just like it was a $20 win, or $100 or $500, not too big a deal.”

The winner bought his $10 winning ticket in early April after visiting visited Eastside Liquors in Frederick to cash a winning ticket.

“I love scratch tickets and had won four times in a row,” he said. “Each time I bought one more ticket with the winnings.” The Frederick County resident typically avoids playing the same game twice in a row, which led to his selection of the $250,000 High Rollers Club scratch-off.

“I saw the $250,000 match very quickly and immediately left the store,” he said. “I didn’t want to react while I was in there, didn’t want anyone to know. It wasn’t easy to keep quiet.”

His brother and sister, who live nearby and spend plenty of time with him, had no idea about his Lottery luck. He kept his dad in the dark, too, even though he visited the siblings just a week after the big win.

His lucky Frederick County retailer also gets to enjoy the fun. For selling the top-prize ticket in the game, Eastside Liquors located at 507 East Street will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.