Lottery Winner Strikes Gold Again

$50K $50K Gold Rush Cullins_web

Mevelyn Cullins III found a big scratch-off winner again at his Lucky lottery retailer, the Dash In located in Owings.

Prince Frederick man wins top prize on $50,000 Gold Rush scratch-off

Mevelyn Cullins III keeps striking gold by playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs at the Owings Dash In. A $100,000 Lottery winner some four years ago, the Prince Frederick man just found a top-prize winning $50,000 Gold Rush scratch-off at the same lucky Lottery retailer.

His good fortune started with a $10 winning scratch-off. Needing to cash it, Mevelyn stopped at Dash In and bought two $50,000 Gold Rush instant tickets. He scratched his $50,000 winning ticket right there in the store and went into immediate shock.

“I can finally buy my dream car,” said the 56-year-old. His friend is selling a 1934 Ford Coupe Convertible and Mevelyn had planned to sell his Corvette to afford the dream car. Now, he gets to have both vehicles!

“Thumbs up to the cashier for selling me the ticket, now I can attend that Toby Keith concert at Solomons Island,” the happy winner exclaimed.

Mevelyn has worked as a chief engineer for a D.C. management company for 38 years. His prize will go a long way! This latest Lottery win will give him his dream car, allow him to pay off his credit cards and his wife’s debt, will pay for his trip to Ocean City and enable him to attend the June Toby Keith concert in Solomons.

The retailer also benefits from this win. Dash In #10921 located at 136 East Chesapeake Beach Road will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize ticket in the $50,000 Gold Rush game.