Lottery Winners Clean Up during Warehouse Dash in Chicago

The ‘City of Big Shoulders’ was also the city of big winning as a quartet of Maryland Lottery winners jetted off to Chicago to take part in this year’s Warehouse Dash. The second-chance prize, awarded last winter, gave each of the lucky Lottery players a 90-second shopping spree through the My Lottery Rewards fulfillment warehouse.

The winners and their guests were also each treated like royalty. They enjoyed a mouth-watering meal at Fleming’s Steakhouse, round-trip airfare to Chicago, $500 spending cash and door-to-door car service to their posh accommodations at the Marriott Magnificent Mile!

Saturday was the big day of the Warehouse Dash! The winners and their guests were greeted like rock-stars, and entered the warehouse to a light show, DJ introduction and a smattering of cheers. Then, they had 30 minutes to survey the prize warehouse and decide how best to spend the 90-seconds they would have to fill their carts with merchandise. Each of the winners had a different objective.

  • Aaron Williams from Rising Sun and his wife (in the blue shirts) have just moved into a new house and are expecting a baby, so their wishlist included tools, housewares and items for the baby;
  • Joppatown resident Leigh Carter (in the purple shirt) sought after everything to outfit the perfect kitchen;
  • Sovannary Lim from Rockville (in the red shirt) had a more targeted list including a pair of Dooney & Burke purses and Apple products; and
  • Stacey Lowry from Gwynn Oak (in the orange shirt) really cleaned up, going after big-ticket items and ending up with a pile of electronics and three vacuum cleaners.

When the dust had settled and the full minute and a half had elapsed, each of the winners were winded but happy with their haul of prizes from the Dash. Although the exciting moment had passed and they would each soon leave the Windy City, they will carry the memories of this unique experience for some time. All merchandise won at the Warehouse Dash will be shipped directly to the winners from the fulfillment warehouse. Congratulations to all our winners!