Lottery Winner’s Drought Ended by Spring Flood of Cash

Gerald Lindsay - Powerball

Gerald Lindsay of Finksburg won $10,000 on the March 1 Powerball drawing.

Carroll County Man Wins $10,000 Playing Powerball

A spring Powerball flood of cash finally ended a Finksburg man’s winter drought of Maryland Lottery wins. Gerald Lindsay, who regularly plays terminal games, arrived at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim a $10,000 Powerball prize from the March 1 drawing.

The Carroll County man has won $10,000 on Pick 4 in the past and usually enjoys a stream of small Pick 3, Pick 4 and Powerball wins. “Been a drought, lately,” he said, and he is delighted that the cash floodgates burst open for his win!

The bachelor missed seeing the drawing that Saturday night and checked the winning numbers by phone on Sunday. Gerald couldn’t believe his ears. The longtime Lottery player headed to the Stop N Go Mart in Finksburg, where he had bought a five-game, $10 Powerball ticket for the drawing. Without letting the clerk know he might have a winning ticket in his hand, the 52-year-old asked the clerk for the winning numbers. Gerald checked and rechecked his ticket and finally shared his good news with the clerk.

A warehouse receiving employee for Daltile, Gerald works a Sunday through Thursday shift and waited until his day off on Friday to claim his prize. He’s already told his friends at work about his win and now will alert his mother, brother and two sisters to his good fortune.

He plans to put the entire $10,000 win into the bank. Gerald bought his lucky ticket at the Stop N Go Mart at 3949 Sykesville Road in Finksburg.