Loyal Lottery Player Ends 2015 with $50,000 Taxes-Paid Prize

Claims first Extreme Green top prize

221-Extreme-Green-ITVMA 64-year-old Reisterstown man was following his regular routine when he stopped to buy Lottery tickets after work. The avid Lottery player headed home from One Stop Convenience & Deli in Reisterstown with his tickets in hand.

While scratching his Extreme Green instant ticket, he found two $15 amounts and two $50,000 amounts. A matching third amount of $15 or $50,000 would win him that prize.

“I thought I was going to scratch another $15 amount and win that prize,” said the father of three. “I was shocked when I saw the $50,000 prize and thought something was wrong with the ticket.”

He quickly ran upstairs to show the $5 ticket to his wife of 45 years, who couldn’t believe her eyes. Their excitement grew when they noticed the top prize came with all taxes paid.

Although he isn’t sure what he is going to do with the windfall, the Johns Hopkins employee said that some of it will go into the bank. He and his wife also plan to share the win with some family members.

“What a way to start the New Year,” the happy winner said with a smile.

For selling the top-prize winning ticket, One Stop Convenience & Deli will receive a $500 bonus. The Extreme Green game just launched on Dec. 28 and has four $50,000 taxes-paid top-prizes remaining, along with more than 350,000 prizes between $5 and $5,000.