Loyal Powerball Player Unaware for Weeks of his $50,000 Win

This Baltimore man enjoyed a $50,000 win by playing his regular Powerball numbers.

Discovers size of his prize at Lottery headquarters

A Baltimore resident who finally got around to checking all of his old Powerball tickets for winners saw a curious message appear when he scanned a ticket from the Feb. 18 drawing. The message directed him to Maryland Lottery headquarters to claim his prize. The loyal Powerball player did so, never checking his numbers to see what he had won and having no idea what was in store for him.

“I walked into the claims center at the Maryland Lottery and placed my ticket in the ticket checker,” said the father of three. The ticket scanner at headquarters shows the amount of the win on its screen. “I had to check it again to make sure I was reading it correctly.” His lucky $10 ticket bought at Mall Spirits in Baltimore revealed a $50,000 prize!

The happy winner, who dubbed himself “EBAS” for his publicity photo, was one of three Marylanders who found a big prize in the Feb. 18 drawing. One Maryland player won $1 million. Our winner and another player each won a $50,000 prize. The current jackpot has climbed to $85 million for the March 8 drawing. The cash option is $51 million.

The city resident said he plays the same numbers every time and matched the winning numbers of 3, 9, 31, 33 plus the Power Ball of 20. With his $50,000 prize, the 63-year-old plans to build up his savings for his children. This is his first big win and “EBAS” said he hopes to bring home an even bigger prize in the future.

The lucky Lottery retailer who sold the winning ticket was Mall Spirits located at 6630 Reisterstown Road in Baltimore City.