Loyalty Pays Off for LaPlata Man

Wins $625,000 Playing Multi-Match

Robert Martin - Multi-MatchHe had to wait a quarter of a century for it, but a decision to play a Maryland Lottery game and the selection of a random series of numbers 25 years ago paid-off big this week for Robert Martin of LaPlata.  The Verizon employee visited Lottery Headquarters today with a Multi-Match ticket worth $625,000.

Robert told Lottery officials that he’s been playing those same numbers just about every week since.  “I picked them way back then and they’ve stuck in my mind,” he explained.  “It doesn’t matter what I’m playing: Multi-Match, Powerball or Mega Millions. I always use the same numbers.”  While those numbers have brought him some luck over the years, it certainly doesn’t seem enough to garner the kind of loyalty Robert has shown.  But, then Monday’s Multi-Match drawing happened.

“We didn’t watch the drawing, but when I went to get my ticket for Thursday’s drawing I saw that the store had sold a big winner.”  He ran his ticket through the scanner and saw that it could only be paid at Lottery HQ.  “I was thinking: maybe….”  Robert called his wife who advised him to go home to check the winning numbers online.  He did, and called her back with the good news.

The couple has not yet emerged from the shock of the win, but it is slowly sinking in. They’ve discussing paying-off bills and getting a new car (also a cruise, if their daughter gets her way).  The ticket that ended Robert’s long wait for Lottery luck was purchased from Absher Liquors at 6605 Crain Highway in LaPlata.