Loyalty Pays Off with $50,000 Prize for Baltimore’s “Money Mama”

“Money Mama” plays Bonus Match 5 every day and just captured a $50,000 top prize.

Bonus Match 5 player believes in the slogan: “Let Yourself Play”

A loyal Maryland Lottery player who won $50,000 playing Bonus Match 5 in the Feb. 23 drawing kept her great news close, sharing it only with a few friends for the first couple of days.

“I just wanted to take my time to think about my winnings,” said the mother of five. “I have never hit this big before and I was just enjoying the moment.”

“Money Mama,” as she nicknamed herself for her publicity photo, has played Bonus Match 5 since 2002 when the Lottery began offering the daily game. The Baltimore city resident also plays Pick 3 and Pick 4. She is also loyal to her favorite retailer, M&J Discount Liquors in Baltimore, where she buys all of her Lottery games.

Not a quick-pick ticket buyer, this Lottery fan keeps a book with all of the winning numbers listed in it for her ready reference. “I always pick my numbers,” said the 81-year-old.

As for what to do with the prize, she is planning a girls’ getaway event. “I will also make a donation to my church.”

Her lucky retailer is also a winner. The Lottery will give the store located at 5500 Park Heights Avenue a bonus of $500 for selling the top-prize ticket in the game.