Luck Comes to Man Who Thought Himself Unlucky

Wins $50,000 Playing the Multi-Prize Bingo Scratch-off

Terence CallahanAs a retired Special Police Officer for the State of Maryland, Terence Callahan has come through many tough situations. The 53-year-old winner survived a near fatal shooting in the 90’s trying to apprehend a robber and was in the hospital for months undergoing numerous operations.

He came out okay, but had to retire in 1996 as a result. So, he considered himself unlucky. All of that changed when Terence won $50,000 playing the Multi-Prize Bingo Scratch-off. “I suffered a lot of pain,” he said.  “I thought winning this kind of money would never happen to me.”

Recently facing financial struggles as a result of helping a family member in need, Terence decided to buy a lottery ticket. “I asked God for some good fortune and bought just the one ticket,” said Terence. He took the ticket home to scratch and was in disbelief at what he saw. “I just kept looking at it, like something is not right,” said the winner. Terence woke his wife up to share the news, but it really did not sink in until after he went back to the store to check the ticket and after calling the Lottery two times.

The father-of-four says family is very important to him. He intends to use some of his winnings for tuition for his two youngest children. The rest he plans to use towards home repairs.  The winning ticket was purchased at Forest Hill Exxon, located at 2019 Rock Spring Rd. in Forest Hill.