Lucky $30,000 Scratch-off Winner Crazed with Lottery Excitement

Calvert County woman wins top prize on Cash Craze Crossword game

A lucky lady from Lusby enjoyed a crazy day of Lottery excitement when she won the $30,000 top prize on a Cash Craze Crossword scratch-off.

The Calvert County resident wrapped up her grocery shopping and realized she had $6 to spare. The mother of two sons bought two $3 Cash Craze Crossword scratch-offs from Fastop #54 in Lusby. After a few minutes of scratching off the tickets, the 50-year-old gave one of them to the Lottery retailer to scan. She was excited and shocked to see the words “please see lottery.”

“This is unreal,” the winner said, recalling that she kept checking her scratch-off. She plays Lottery games two to three times a week, mixing in some Mega Millions and Cash for Life games with her scratch-off purchases. The loyal player has won smaller amounts in the past, but nothing of this size.

After sharing her great news with her children, the winner decided to keep her prize a secret. She plans to spend her windfall on home and car repairs and to pay debts.

Being the home of the top-prize winning ticket is also a plus for Fastop, which is located at 11790 HG Truman Road. The Lusby retailer will receive $300 for selling a $30,000 top-prize winning ticket in the Cash Craze Crossword game. There are still seven unclaimed top-prize tickets awaiting discovery, along with more than 500,000 smaller prizes.