Lucky Bethesda Shopper Bags Big Keno Prize

Lucky Leslie left the grocery with more money than when she entered, thanks to a $25,028 Keno Sprinkler win!

Takes home $25,028 win due to Keno Sprinkler promotion

Adding 20 rounds of Keno to her grocery-shopping excursion put $25,028 in the bank for lucky Leslie Smart of Bethesda. The loyal Keno player won the big prize on a 9-spot bet placed during the Maryland Lottery’s Keno Sprinkler promotion!

The happy homemaker and her husband of 11 years found Lottery luck waiting at their local Giant in Rockville, where they stopped to pick up cleaning supplies for their new apartment.

Before leaving the store, the 60-year-old decided to cash in some of her winning Keno tickets from a few days prior. Her prizes totaled close to $150! She then reinvested her win, buying the 20 Keno games to take advantage of the Lottery’s popular Keno Sprinkler promotion. From now through Dec. 31, players can double or triple their prizes if their ticket prints with a doubler or tripler and is a winner.

“Usually I have a few set of numbers that I play on a regular basis,” she said. On this day, she also added the Super Bonus multiplier feature. “When I saw eight out of nine of my Keno numbers come out, I knew I had won big.”

Leslie took her winning Keno ticket to a local Lottery retailer to confirm that she had indeed won big. Hitting eight of the nine numbers gave her a $2,500 win. The Super Bonus multiplier for that game was five and she had a doubler on her ticket, too. That retailer told her to head straight to Lottery headquarters to claim her big prize!

Lucky Leslie planned to celebrate her big win by taking her husband out for a romantic dinner and her grandson to see the professional rodeo competition in San Antonio next year.

Also lucky is her Lottery retailer, Giant #125 located at 12051 Rockville Pike. For selling a winning Keno ticket of $10,000 or more, the lucky Montgomery County retailer earns a bonus of $250 from the Lottery.