Lucky Birthdays, Special Numbers Yield $50,000 Bonus Match 5 Win

This Clinton man won a $50,000 Bonus Match 5 prize and plans to shower his girlfriend with gifts, help family members and take his brother to a professional basketball game.

Clinton man finds Lottery luck in Nov. 6 drawing

A Dallas Cowboys fan from Clinton has played the same set of numbers in Bonus Match 5 since July when his client urged him to play. She’s won the game’s $50,000 top prize in the past and suggested that he try the daily game. Since then, “Cowboys” has won $400 and even $600, but nothing compared to his $50,000 score last week!

The owner of a pest control company, “Cowboys” has happily followed his client’s advice and played Bonus Match 5 often. Last week, the 53-year-old went to scan his ticket for the Nov. 6 drawing at Brinkley Market in Temple Hills, where he had purchased the ticket. “Cowboys” saw an unfamiliar message appear on the ticket checker.

“The message said to see the clerk,” said the lucky player, smiling. “I’ve never seen that message before!” The Prince George’s County resident took the ticket to the store cashier, who confirmed that he had matched five winning numbers to score a $50,000 top prize!

The excited winner immediately texted a picture of his winning ticket to the client who had encouraged him to play. “She knows the ropes,” he said. “She told me exactly what I needed to do to claim the prize.”

The football fan got little sleep that night and even lost his appetite. Because he owns his company, “Cowboys” was able to take off from work the next day to claim his unbelievable prize.

The entrepreneur has big plans for his prize. He has a girlfriend that he loves to shower with gifts and plans to take her out to celebrate. “Cowboys” also will help family members financially and take his brother to a Washington Wizards basketball game.

His lucky Lottery retailer is also a winner. The Lottery credited Brinkley Market located at 3311 Brinkley Road in Temple Hills with a $500 bonus for selling a top-prize winning ticket in the daily game. “Cowboys” won the 39th Bonus Match 5 top prize of 2019.