Lucky Dogs: Couple Wins $100,000 in Bonus Match 5 Promotion

Betseys Mom & Dad - Bonus Match 5_webThis lucky St. Mary’s County couple won $100,000 through the Maryland Lottery’s Bonus Match 5 Doubler and Taxes-Paid promotions underway through May 4.

St. Mary’s County Pair 1st to Win with Doubler on Top-Prize Winning Ticket

A Southern Maryland couple’s easy-going Sunday ended with an exhilarating celebration after the lucky wife checked their ticket for the Maryland Lottery’s April 20 Bonus Match 5 drawing.

In the blink of an eye, the pair discovered three incredible facts. First, they won the top prize of $50,000 in the drawing. Next, they realized the ticket bought at a Leonardtown retailer carried a Doubler message and boosted their prize to $100,000. And, last but not least, the win hit during a Lottery Taxes-Paid promotion on the game’s top prizes of $50,000 and $100,000!

The doggone lucky couple claimed their prize at Lottery headquarters as “Betsy’s mom and dad” in tribute to their 12-year-old Schipperke named Betsy. The happy hound may soon sport a smile befitting a Lottery winner because her humans plan to spend some of the prize on dental care for her. They’ve earmarked the bulk of the windfall for their retirement accounts.

The Leonardtown residents began their journey to good fortune when Betsy’s mom bought a Quick Pick Bonus Match 5 ticket at Centre Liquors. She forgot about the ticket on Sunday until she finished a marathon session viewing episodes of the “Law & Order” TV series. Betsy’s dad had just wrapped up his lawn work and was headed to the den to watch the Boston Red Sox take on the Baltimore Orioles on TV.

He didn’t get far. Betsy’s mom pulled out her smartphone to check the drawing results. Just as he flipped on the baseball game, Betsy’s dad heard a shriek from the adjacent room. His 52-year-old wife was shouting with joy after discovering the ticket was a triple winner.

Want to follow in the footsteps of this happy St. Mary’s County couple? Stop by their lucky Lottery retailer, Centre Liquors, at 40955 Merchants Lane in Leonardtown. The Bonus Match 5 Doubler and Taxes-Paid promotions are underway through May 4. Bonus Match 5 drawings take place daily, with tickets starting at $1. Already this year, the Lottery has seen more than a dozen $50,000 Bonus Match 5 winners.