Lucky Fan Finds Ultimate Riches with $50,000 Scratch-Off Win

Claims prize on Ultimate Riches game

Watching sports and playing a Maryland Lottery scratch-off was a winning combination for a startled Lottery fan, who found a $50,000 prize waiting for him on an Ultimate Riches scratch-off.

“I kept looking at it to make sure it was real,” said the 62-year-old.

Lottery luck found the Washington County resident at Break Away 2 Sports Lounge in Hagerstown, which is one of his favorite spots. He dropped in on a Friday afternoon, as he often does, to start his weekend by watching games and playing scratch-offs. After a few hours, he decided to buy an Ultimate Riches scratch-off to test his luck and then head home. Little did he know that he would pass his test of luck with flying colors!

The player returned to his car and was very eager to scratch off his $20 instant ticket. Frantically hunting for a coin to scratch off the game, the player finally found one. He recalls that he practically attacked the ticket, scratching it off quickly, in hopes of finding a big win. He did – $50,000!

“I was in disbelief,” the winner said.

“I couldn’t believe that his determination paid off!” said a friend, who later accompanied the winner to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to watch him claim the $50,000 prize.

The two decided to confirm the win and returned to the sports lounge. They asked an employee to check the ticket.

“I gave them my ticket to check to see if my eyes were correct,” the winner said. His vision was accurate! The message on the ticket checker directed the winner to cash the lucky ticket at Lottery headquarters.

What will he do with his prize? The happy man plans to share some of the winnings with family members and friends and put some into savings. He’s hoping for another big win soon and this game is loaded with prizes. All seven $1 million top prizes are available, along with 11 more $50,000 prizes, 49 $10,000 prizes and thousands of others ranging from $20 to $5,000.