Lucky Feeling Delivers Big Win for Mechanicsville Woman

Claims 2020 Cash scratch-off game’s $20,200 top prize

She was on her way to the grocery store last week, a St. Mary’s County woman told Maryland Lottery officials, when the idea of playing scratch-offs just popped into her head.

She almost dismissed it because the time set aside for errands that day was ticking away. Knowing that her intuition had paid off before, she stopped at Wawa #592 in California, Md. to pick up several games. That extra time she spent buying a 2020 Cash scratch-off resulted in $20,200 extra cash in her family’s bank account.

“I’d bought Lottery tickets there before,” the Mechanicsville resident explained, “but there was a machine at the grocery store so I could have gotten them there, easier and faster.” However, the idea that came to her as she approached the Wawa store at 23141 Three Notch Road was so strong.

“It didn’t make any sense to stop, but something told me to get my tickets there, so I did.” Purchasing several games to play in the coming days, the 65-year-old topped off her selection with a $20 2020 Cash instant ticket.

Four days passed before she worked her way through the other games. The only game left to play was the 2020 Cash scratch-off. “I started screaming when I saw the $20,200 match,” said the top-prize winner, a counselor who helps prepare veterans for new careers. “My poor husband came running in to see what was going on. It took me a good five minutes to catch my breath enough to tell him, but the Lottery ticket I kept waving at him made it pretty clear.”

The Southern Maryland family will add the winnings to the family savings. “I’ll also be sending a contribution to St. Jude’s,” the lucky lady said. “We want to share this blessing.”

Their $20,200 top-prize win leaves 160 still available. 2020 Cash debuted in November of last year and retailers like Wawa #592 receive a bonus of $202 for selling a top-prize winning scratch-off in the game.