Lucky Feeling Leads Silver Spring Man to Bonus Match 5 Top Prize

An 80-year-old Silver Spring man who doesn’t regularly play Bonus Match 5 followed through on a feeling that he should take a chance on the game. He bought a ticket on Oct. 29, picking his own numbers, and won $50,440.

The retired attorney played nine lines of Bonus Match 5 for $6 at Old World Favorites located in Silver Spring at 3854 International Drive. He pocketed his ticket and went on about his day. He didn’t check the ticket until he watched the news that night. Was he ever in for a surprise!

“I didn’t realize it right away,” he said of the win. “Then, I went back for another look and noticed I had some matching numbers.”

The Montgomery County resident checked off his matches and the prize for each line. He was fortunate enough to win prizes on every line, including matching all five numbers on the third line, for the grand prize total.

The dad and grandad didn’t immediately share his good news. His wife was asleep at the time and his children are adults who have moved out of the house. He simply put away the ticket and waited until the next day to claim his big prize. The happy winner plans to pay bills with the windfall and help his family as needed.

His lucky Silver Spring retailer is also a winner. Old World Favorites earned a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize ticket in the game.