Lucky Feeling, Research Lead to $10,000 Scratch-off Win

Baltimore woman wins $10,000 on Gold Hard Cash ticket

248 Gold Hard Cash ITVMWinning a scratch-off prize is a matter of random chance, but one Baltimore woman feels she increased her opportunity to win by combining a bit of strategy and a lucky feeling. She’s enjoying the fruits of her labor now that she’s claimed a $10,000 Gold Hard Cash scratch-off prize.

The 67-year-old said she likes to buy tickets that have been on sale for a while, but still have big prizes waiting to be claimed, explaining that she believes it gives her an advantage. She had her sights set on the Gold Hard Cash ticket, which launched in September and still has all six of its $100,000 top prizes available. When she saw it in a Lottery retailer where she also had a lucky feeling, she picked up a few tickets.

The lucky lady scratched her tickets later that day when she had a break at work. The third one she scratched quickened her pulse. As she uncovered the ticket’s play area, she began to see prizes appearing. When she had finished, the entire ticket was covered in prizes, totaling $10,000.

“It was so beautiful,” she said.

The winner, who prizes her work with the Department of Juvenile Services JOINS program (Juvenile Offenders in Need of Supervision), says the twist of fate will not take her away from the fulfillment of her job. But she does plan to share her good fortune with friends and family, including her son and daughter. She also plans to tip the caretakers at her mother’s assisted living facility.

“This is the holiday and it’s the best time in the world,” the winner said.

The lucky ticket was sold at Wilkins Liquor, Pizza and Deli, located at 4626 Wilkens Avenue in Baltimore. In addition to its six $100,000 prizes, the $10 Gold Hard Cash ticket also still has five $10,000 prizes remaining.